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Men were giving the challenge to be “Courageous” on Saturday evening at Turning Point Life Center, as the church presented the “Courageous” Men’s Conference.  Directed by Jim Predmore, this conference included the viewing of the “Courageous” movie, praise and worship music, testimonies, live music, and a message about stepping forward to be men of honor.

Open to the public, this conference was presented at no charge to men who wanted to learn and improve on their roles as husbands and fathers.  They were challenged to take greater responsibility for their families through guidance, discipline, love, respect, and compassion.

Those who attended this conference will be receiving their Resolutions on Sunday, October 21st at Turning Point Life Center.  With their families present, these men will have the opportunity to make this Resolution publicly and receive their printed Resolution as a visual affirmation of their pledge.

Turning Point Men’s home will be having a fundraising BBQ this Saturday October, 13th. They will be serving Tri-Tip, Chili, Rise Pilaf, Salad and a Roll all for $10.00. This will be there 8th annual BBQ Tri-Tip drive through. Each year this event gets bigger and this year is looking to be the largest so far. They will be preparing over 500lbs of Tri-tip with the hope of serving 700 plates. The Tri-tip will be marinated for three days in a special recipe of marinade that has been used over the last 8 years. Food critics have stated “It’s the best Tri-tip in the valley a must eat”

The Drive through BBQ will be located at 449 Pine Avenue in Holtville. The plates will be served between 4:30 to 7 pm. Peach Cobbler will also be available as a desert. If you can, come out and support this ministry, and enjoy a very tasty dinner.

Hi my name is James Predmore. I am seeking a seat on the Holtville City Council. I have been serving on the Holtville Planning Commission for the last 4 years and I am currently serving as Commission Chairman. I also serve as Senior Deacon at Turning Point Life Center, am a board member for the Green and Gold Hall of Fame and been asked to serve on the Holtville Little League Board of Directors.

I want to see Holtville grow. We need new business and new housing to bring in more families to our city. We have some of the best schools in the valley, but school attendance is dropping yearly. The youth of Holtville are growing out of our schools and we have fewer and fewer children to fill our classes.

Holtville is starting to see some new interest; we currently have four new building projects in the works. We have set some new records in the Planning Commission with two of these projects receiving Conditional Use Permits in less than one month’s time. I feel that there are far too many restrictions on new building projects, causing building costs to skyrocket. I will do whatever I can to help reduce some of these restrictions and to help Holtville move forward. Holtville is a great place to live, but we need to continue to grow the way other cities are in the Imperial Valley.

This will be a very important election so Please Vote on November 6th and a vote for James Predmore would be greatly appreciated.

We are inviting all men to take part in this 4 hour conference on how we can be the man that God, our Wife’s and Children want us to be. We will be showing the Movie Courageous and will share some testimonies, a Call Out will be made to make a resolution to be a Man of God. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD. Saturday October 06, 2012 4p.m-8p.m. Call Jim Predmore at 760-791-1913 to register or email me at james.predmore@gmail.com. Hope to see you there.


1. Be motivated and dedicated.
If you aren’t motivated to do the best you can for the interests of the company, and are just a clock watcher, or are using your job as a paycheck until something better comes along, you’re bringing other people down, and are stealing from the company.

2. Have intellectual curiosity.
In school, and in entry-level jobs, you’re taught most of what you need to know, and told a few other things to learn. In real life, when working a higher level job, you’re expected not only to learn what you need to know, but to be able to discover what those things are on your own.

3. Ask all the right questions.
During meetings, ask questions, and make sure you understand what other people are discussing. You don’t have to understand every single technical detail from a different field, but it’s important that you understand the general idea of what’s going on it the company, and understand certain things that you’ll need to know how to do. It’s also important that you understand the way your work with impact other people’s projects, and vice versa. This doesn’t mean to ask questions just to be asking something. Everything you say should be significant and have a purpose.

4. Take notes.
Really. Take notes on everything. If you’re talking to someone, you should be taking notes. Make a shortcut to Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and use it. Use Evernote, Google Docs, or a traditional pad of paper and pen (gasp!). Do impress your boss, coworkers, and customers with your ability to retrieve information from a previous conversation. Don’t make them repeat themselves.

5. Take it seriously.
People often say that you should be easy-going, or to take things lightly, so that you aren’t stressed out, and are generally more pleasant to be around. I say take things seriously. Too often I see people not taking part of their profession seriously. I don’t mean their entire job – I mean the little things. When your boss tells you to do something, it may not seem important to you, but it’s important enough that someone who makes a lot more than you decided it was a good idea. Treat the task as such.

6. Do your job as if you own the company.
Don’t just do the bare minimum. To say to do your best isn’t quite right either. If you aren’t doing everything you can to make the company succeed, you’re stealing money from its owner. There’s someone else who will do better. Your job isn’t to just do what you’re told – it’s to make money for the company.

7. Dress the part, or better.
At my last job, I remember walking in for the interview wearing my best suit, and someone sarcastically asked, “who died?” The CTO was wearing an old t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Obviously, there was no dress code to speak of, and this was reflected in the attitudes and work performance of the staff. Dressing professionally gives other people the impression that you’re a professional, and it makes you feel like one. This helps you to actually be a professional. My girlfriend’s old boss didn’t just wear a suit – he wore cufflinks. She was so used to only seeing him as a professional, that when she saw a picture of him in street clothes, she couldn’t believe it was him.  This is directly related to the next point.

8. Be all that you can be, and aim high.
When I was in the Marine Corps, we had a saying: always do the job of the rank above you. If you’re a Private, you should be learning (and doing) the job of a Private First Class. If you’re a Corporal, you should be doing the job of a Sergeant. Set goals, and constantly move the achievement bar higher. Don’t fall into a rut where you get comfortable doing just your job, which is really just the bare minimum.

9. Be confident.
When you’re talking with people, act like you know what you’re talking about. (It helps if you actually do know what you’re talking about.) If you act like you’ve got a purpose and are confident, people will assume that you’re well-informed and an expert. Otherwise, they’ll see a weakness, assume you don’t know what you’re talking about, and will walk all over you.

Bonus #10

Spelling Counts. In high school, a student raised his hand during a math test and asked, “does spelling count?” The teacher replied, “spelling always counts.” Remember, this was a math class. Nobody expects you to be an expert on grammar usage, or to be a walking dictionary or thesaurus, but you need to be able to express yourself intelligently to your boss, coworkers, staff, and clients. In life, spelling always counts.

By Luke Phillips

The Holtville City Council voted 4-1 to appoint John Paul Wells to a vacant seat on the Planning Commission at their meeting Monday and voted unanimously to re-appoint commissioners Jim Predmore and Ginger Ward and accept the resignation of commissioner Frederico Garcia.

Council member Colleen Ludwig cast the lone dissenting vote against appointing Wells to the planning commission saying that he would bring controversy to the post.

“I don’t want to offend Mr. Wells,” she said. “But there is some controversy there. Mr. Wells is the finance officer for the school district and we’re being sued by the school district.”

Ludwig agreed that Planning Commission, which has had vacant seats for several months, needs to be filled out but said she has received calls from others who are interested in the seat and would like to give them time to submit an application, despite the deadline for applications having already passed. She called for the item to be tabled but the motion died for lack of a second.

Council member David Bradshaw said that he though Wells would make a good addition to the board.

“I’ve served with Mr. Wells on other boards and he was good,” Bradshaw said. “And I think he’d be good for our commission.”

Terms for commissioners Predmore and Ward were scheduled to end, but both expressed interested in continuing to serve on the board and were reappointed by a unanimous vote from the council.

The council also voted unanimously to accept a letter of resignation from commissioner Frederico Garcia who says that work duties will prevent him from continuing to serve.

“I would gladly like to continue my status as a Planning Commissioner but the tenuous nature of my employment with the Imperial Valley College which is being adversely affected by the roller coaster State budget has impacted my ability to continue my duties as Planning Commissioner,” Garcia said in his letter. “I sincerely believe the Planning Commission is a valuable part of the network of interested citizenry which has made Holtville one of the better governed cities in the Valley. The members of the city council, city hall personnel and its inaugurated auxiliary groups in addition to other active organizations in Holtville make me proud to be a member of this robust community.”

The seat left vacant by Garcia will be advertised and is open to any Holtville resident interested in serving.

Source: Holtville Tribune (http://s.tt/1cUvf)

John Paul Wells is sworn in By Holtville City Clerk Glyn Snyder

The City of Holtville Planning Commission held their meeting on Monday the 18th and welcomed their new Planning Commissioner Mr. John Paul Wells; Mr. Wells took the oath and was sworn in. There are now four Commissioners on the Planning Commission, Jim Predmore: Chairman, Ginger Ward: Vice Chairman, Ross Daniels: Commissioner and John Paul Wells: Commissioner, which leaves one seat vacant. The city is accepting applications for that vacant seat. If any one is interested in serving the city as a commissioner they should contact the city and pick up an application. The City of Holtville is entering into a time of growth that we haven’t seen in several years, with the planning of new buildings, new housing, and businesses. This makes for an exciting time for the commission as we can be part of this growth for the city. There is one seat open and if you would like be part of this growth pick up an application at city hall.

Source: Holtville Tribune (http://s.tt/1f5cj)

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