Please Vote on November 6th 2012

Hi my name is James Predmore. I am seeking a seat on the Holtville City Council. I have been serving on the Holtville Planning Commission for the last 4 years and I am currently serving as Commission Chairman. I also serve as Senior Deacon at Turning Point Life Center, am a board member for the Green and Gold Hall of Fame and been asked to serve on the Holtville Little League Board of Directors.

I want to see Holtville grow. We need new business and new housing to bring in more families to our city. We have some of the best schools in the valley, but school attendance is dropping yearly. The youth of Holtville are growing out of our schools and we have fewer and fewer children to fill our classes.

Holtville is starting to see some new interest; we currently have four new building projects in the works. We have set some new records in the Planning Commission with two of these projects receiving Conditional Use Permits in less than one month’s time. I feel that there are far too many restrictions on new building projects, causing building costs to skyrocket. I will do whatever I can to help reduce some of these restrictions and to help Holtville move forward. Holtville is a great place to live, but we need to continue to grow the way other cities are in the Imperial Valley.

This will be a very important election so Please Vote on November 6th and a vote for James Predmore would be greatly appreciated.

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